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Thinking about discovering Sri Lanka by road? Well, you are up for a wonderful adventure itself. The lack of motorways means you will get an opportunity to witness the life of Sri Lanka right throughout the journey. Web of the road structure covers almost all the corners of the country and is easily accessible with any vehicle unless you choose more adventurous off-road routes. Hiring a car or minibus with a driver is the easiest and most secure way of getting around the country. Roads are a little complicated, and you may find a lack of direction signs compared with roads in other developed parts of the world. Hence, a local driver with a sound knowledge of the road system could always be handy.

Hiring a car with a driver

You automatically get a good travel consultant when you hire a driver. Our drivers are courteous, professional, and experienced, and have provided extra training if necessary to make your tour/transfer a pleasant experience. They all will be more than happy to go the extra mile when it is needed to offer you the best possible service.

To book a driver, you don't need to book the hotels with us. You can book the hotel reservation through any of the channels you prefer, and we are just happy to provide you with the transport option you prefer.

Our Vehicle Options


Our fleet of Cars is mostly powered by environmentally friendly hybrid engines to reduce your carbon footprint of travel. Typically, good to travel with up to three passengers in comfort. Ideal for private tours when you value your privacy more than your budget.

Passenger Van

Could carry passengers four to ten plus depending on the variant. Ideal for small private groups who like traveling together following the same travel plan. We always recommend filling only up to 75% of the seating capacity to keep extra room for luggage.

mini bus
Mini Bus

Could carry passengers Ten to Sixteen plus depending on the variant. Great pick if you are traveling with a small private group with luggage. Usually come as two men crew ideally with a driver and helper. Option of a guide is possible if you need to learn bit depth into the tour.


When you have a larger group traveling, a coach would be the ideal option. The typical coaches are suitable for groups of up to 45 passengers and their languages. Air Conditioned for comfort from the tropical heat Sri Lanka is known for and available on either 35 or 45 seating options.

Should you go for the self-drive option?

Well... this is a topic that was subject to many online forum discussions. Even though it is entirely up to you to decide, our opinion is that you shouldn’t. Driving in Sri Lanka is very different from driving in many other countries. Unless you have experience in similar roads/styles, it would be chaotic, and you might regret getting behind the wheel on Sri Lanka roads. If you are not happy to hire a private driver, we would suggest using public transport as an alternative option even though the time you spend on the road could be a little longer.

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How to make a booking?

If you are an individual and are going to travel yourself, you can start letting us know your prepared itinerary. We will calculate the exact cost and email you a quotation with the total cost. You can pay 30% of the price as the booking fee and then pay the rest of the amount either on arrival or during the tour.

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